Hello, and welcome to my portfolio site! My name is Kim, and I operate from an exoplanet located at ~12 parsecs from the Earth. 
Obsessed with design, music and astrophysics, I deeply specialize in crafting effective  logos and brand identities. 

Most of my design clients are forward-looking startups/mid-size companies based in Milky Way within a radius of 30 parsecs from my home planet (it's getting all laggy at longer distances but I'm open to better faster-than-light communication tech suggestions). Speaking of tech, it's my favorite industry to work with, along with everything science. That being said I do enjoy working with all kinds of industries, while rejecting companies operating in leather/fur production-related industries.

I love jazz, instrumental prog metal, IDM and some other challenging  genres of music, and I also work on my music theory / guitar playing skills in my free time.

Thank you for stopping by my portfolio and reading those nerdy paragraphs. I hope to work on your project soon!